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      Le Cheetos another innovation milestone -TICO shock struck, One robot
      In Chongqing North Rd Golden Resources Shopping Mall, a 18-meter-high behemoth --- TICO, One robot is about to rise to the sky on May 16, 2015 ......

      TICO, One robot is based Naughty and channel support frame combined creative works. Its height of up to 18 meters, and the entire construction area covers an area of ??only 120 square meters. Using high-quality, fire prevention, environmental protection material, through innovation sophisticated overall design, coupled with high-technology production and installation, and then with children's play, puzzle, sports, adventure rides combined crafted.

      One robot TICO huge numbers, both overall gives a stunning visual sense, but also with a wealth of recreational sex, playability. So, the construction of this spectacular Naughty project is a what kind of enterprise? After that visit, which turned out to be a giant undertaking by the Shenzhen City Music Cheetos Recreation Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as &quot;Le Cheetos&quot;), designed for children's channel TICO build up the country's first, interactive amusement theme of its own cartoon elements facilities. TICO, One robot has become one of the best music show Cheetos excellent design, production and construction standards.
      Adhere to high product quality, adhere to innovation

      Le Cheetos, founded in 2006, is located in Longgang District, after nearly a decade of innovation and growth, and always uphold the integrity first, quality first, customer first business purposes, to the theme of innovation as a concept, with tailor-made design as the core, making unique products for each customer.

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      Open children naughty castle park, site. What should I choose
      Open a naughty castle children's paradise, in addition to the choice of equipment manufacturer, the choice of a suitable venue, can have twice the result with half the effort, do crowded places is necessary, and to children, the more the better. Market is a good choice.

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      About Us
      Shenzhen Lucky Dog Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd. It’s a collection research and development, manufacture, sales, and stores to expand operations as one of the amusement equipment co., LTD is a member of China association of amusement parks. Our company is located in longgang district of shenzhen, owns 6000 ㎡ modern standard factory building, large-scale exhibition hall and quality testing laboratory, etc. Company equipped with advanced production equipment and testing instruments, imple…
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